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Small Business Website Startup Resources

Below are some items you may want to begin thinking about to get started with your website:

A Domain Name

This is your website address, such as

A Web Host Service

This is where the pages of your website reside. A host plan can be independent of your domain registration, but it's convenient to have them together.

Logos, Graphics and Colors

If you currently have a logo and pictures, we'll work with those. If you are starting new, below are some resources that may help. If you have none of these, don't worry. We will work together to find a solution.

Layout and Design Preferences

Do you prefer a centered design, horizontal or vertical menus, multiple columns on your page? If you have no preference, we will work together until we find the look you prefer.

Page Content and Pictures

What pages would you like on your site, such as About Us, Contact, Services, Portfolio, etc.

Page content is probably the hardest but most critical part of starting a new website. Be direct as if you were giving your sales pitch, including keywords and phrases that your potential customers may be looking for. Who are you, what services do you offer, why should potential customers pick you over your competition?

Also think about the geographical service areas you want to target.

Miscellaneous Items to Consider

Other Valuable Small Business Resources

Use your Free Business Listings!

Be sure you are taking advantage of free online business listings in Google, Bing, Facebook, etc. You don't even need a website to get in these listings.

Get Started!

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your particular needs and questions.